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University of Utah, Bennion Center - Community Engaged Faculty Institute 

Homestead Resort in Midway, UT

Workshop - Using Concept Mapping to support your engaged scholarship

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  • Pre conference session - CmapTools: Facilitating Research Conceptualization and Collaboration with a Robust Web-based Technology
  • Paper - An empirical analysis of publicly engaged scholars and traditional dichotomies within the academy






10th Anniversry Conference
"Promoting Clear Pathways to Civic Engagement Moving Us Forward:  Recognizing and Rewarding Civic Engagement"


American Studies Association - Baltimore, MD

Kettering Foundation - Dayton Days



Imagining America 11th Annual Conference - Minneapolis, MN


  • Senior Administrators meeting
  • Tech Garden




Public Scholarship and the Democratisation of Knowledge in the Engaged University.
University of the Free State (UFS) Public Lecture August 15, 2011 Bloemfontein, South Africa


American Association of State Colleges and Universities [AASCU] American Democracy Project National [ADP] meeting. Beyond Voting: Active Citizenship in the New Era, Orlando, FL. (June 25)


  1. The View at 30,000 Feet—What is the Future of Civic Engagement in Higher Education? Next Generation Engagement—Undergraduates, Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty with Adam Bush and Cecilia Orphan

    Session handout

  2. The View at 30,000 Feet—"Wicked Problems and the Human Creativity Deficit" with Kevin Bott



Creativity, Play, and the Imagination Across Disciplines. Teachers College Columbia University, New York, NY.


  1. Playing with Imagining; Fostering Creative Methods of Critical Discourse with Adam Bush, Dana Edel, Urmila Venkatesh, and Kim Yasuda  (May 26 –28) 

    Session Handout
  2. Conference wrap-up with Maurita Hollland -



International Institute on Partnerships [IIP], From Reciprocity to Collective Transformation: Achieving the Potential of Community-Campus Partnerships. Portland State University, Portland OR; Engaged Knowledge Citizens: Exploring the Aspirations and Decisions of Graduate Students, Early Career Scholars, and Practitioners. (May 23 – 25) 


American Educational Research Association [AERA] annual meeting Inciting the Social Imagination: Education Research for the Public Good New Orleans, LA; ROUNDTABLE “Publicly Engaged Scholarship: Educational Aspirations, Career Pathways and Conceptualizing Knowledge Production for the 21st Century” 

Session Handout


American College Personnel Association [ACPA] annual meeting; Baltimore, MD "Publicly Engaged Students: Today and Tomorrow" with Staci Weber.





January 2011

Association of American Colleges and Universities [AAC&U] annual conference, GLOBALPOSITIONING Essential Learning, Student Success, and the Currency of U.S. Degrees, San Francisco;CA; Redefining Diversity and Changing Humanities Education SYMPOSIUM Engaged Early CareerFaculty in the Global Campus and the Global City with Julie Ellison, Sabine Smith, Macarena GomezBarris, and George Sanchez





Guest Lecture - EDU 781; Professor Gretchen Lopez - Syracuse University



Indianapolis, IN - Crowne Plaza - Oct 29 - 30, 2010

1) Imagining America Study on the Aspirations and Decisions of Publicly Engaged Scholars (.pdf)

2) Identity and Engagement in Higher Education: College Unbound (.pdf)

3) Early Career Award

Personal Statement (.pdf)

Research Presentation 

Five Senses of Engagement (.pdf) - with Nick Sousanis



Imagining America 11th Annual Conference - Seattle, WA

Pathways and Career Aspirations of Graduate Students and Early Career Publicly Engaged Scholars:  A Mixed-method Study (.pdf)

Tim Eatman, Robin Goettel, and Staci Weber - Presenters
Julie Ellison - Respondent


University of Michigan - Arts of Citizenship 

Junior Faculty and Advanced Graduate Student workshop on publicly engaged scholarship (.pdf)
co-facilitated with with Kelly Quinn