Jasmin Africali Eatman

Talent Offering at Alpha South Regional Miss Black and Gold competition.

Valedictorian Address - Syracuse Academy of Science (June 2013)


Mixed Girl Problems


University School of Nashville

Dance Theatre of Syracuse - Strange Fruit


I am imperfect.

My name is Jasmin Africali Eatman, and I am creating this website through Dr. Eatman's Technology For the Undergraduate Scholar course. Of course, the creation of this website is new to me, but creativity in general is not. I am a scholar, dancer, and passionate human being. I like school, but I love life. By the end of it, I want to look back and know I've reached my highest potential. As a daughter of God, I know that my highest potential is as high as I want it to be. Through hard work, and complete trust in my savior, I know I can do great things.

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Syracuse Academy of Science

Final grade report (10th Grade)

Mt. Pleasant Christian Academy - Harlem, NY

Summer Scholars

Spelman College

Early College Program

Emory University

National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (Summer 2010)

Manlius Pebble Hill 

Final grade report (9th Grade)

Slauson middle school - Ann Arbor, MI


Selected Artwork